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chocolate for love

Chocolate ?
everyone loved it .. the taste is sweet and seductive shape makes everyone loves and wants to taste it..

Chocolate is a confection made from cacao beans, the seeds of the cacao plant.
But chocolate not just about the taste, chocolate also symbolizes affection from someone to give their love to..

It's about the feeling of love, chocolate for love..

Made everyone touch..inspire the picture of love

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Arowana Myth and Beauty

Arowana is most a fish that is very exotic and elegant, every movement of her body describes her beauty, arowana fish with many myths surrounding it. 

Fish with beauty, wonderful plasticity of movement and elegance of this asian dragon. at the start of this comparison is a fewwhat shocking, other then if you explore the flying fish within the aquarium, you may see that arowanas terribly paying homage to the dragon, elegant, powerful and graceful, that we've known for merchandise of asian craftsmen.

Arowana is regarded as myth carrier prosperity for its owner. 
The pictures are very inspiring for us who look at him ...

Arowana known as Dragon fish like this year as a Dragon Water years
Arowana Myth and Beauty..

wayang one of indonesian heritage

Wayang might be a javanese word for specific forms of theatre. When the term is employed to refer to forms of puppet theatre, typically the puppet itself is named as wayang. Performances of puppet theatre are accompanied by a gamelan orchestra.

Indonesia could be also evident from the diversity of cultural Wayang  itself, therefore there are many styles of puppets are created, Wayang kulit (shadow puppets), Wayang Orang (puppet show), Wayang Golek and various different individuals.

This picture could be amazing and puts lots of inspiration to us..

Wayang one of indonesian heritage that must be preserved.


Olympic games, Veni Vidi Vici

The olympic games with the spirit Veni Vidi Vici, could be a major international event featuring summer and winter sports, during which thousands of athletes participate during a kind of competitions. the olympic games are thought of to be the globes foremost sports competition and quite 200 nations participate.

The games are presently held biennially, with summer and winter olympic games alternating, which means they occur each four years inside their respective seasonal games. originally, the ancient olympic games were held in olympia, greece, from the 8th century bc to the 4th century ad. baron pierre de coubertin founded the international olympic committee (ioc) in 1894. The ioc has since become the governing body of the olympic movement, whose structure and actions are defined by the olympic charter.